Return, delivery and installation policy

Dear Customer, You can return any of the goods you have purchased from (mokyfat) store during the specified Refund period (7 days) from the date of receipt of the item, Item must be in the same condition that you received it and inside its box, and not damaged Not damaged or used.


In case of you receive a damaged product or not working properly:


When you receive the item in a damaged condition or not working properly, you can return the item to us in the same condition that you received it with the same original packaging. As soon as we receive the item, we will inspect it, and if it is found that there is a defect or damage, we will immediately begin the procedure of returning it and refunding your money back to you, either the one you paid for the item or the one paid to ship it to you.


If the item you ordered is not you received, how can it be returned?


In this case, you can request the return of the item in the same condition and packaging that you received by contacting customer service on the unified number (0593335396/920009328) or through the retrieval section of the website (mokyfat). As soon as we receive the item, we will immediately initiate a refund of all the money you have paid.


Cost of return of goods:


·         In the case of a return due to a defect in the or damage of goods, or due to the delivery of a wrong good, no return or shipping charges will be charged.

·         In case the customer wishes to cancel the order in Fully or partially, A (100 SR) for window type and Spilt wall-mounted or (300SR) for Floor standing & duct canceled & Cassette and selling floor types will be charged as shipping fees plus (2.5%) of the amount of the returned item will be charged for online payment with (credit cards) and if the customer uses the bank card (MADA), the percentage will be (1.5%) for all item or each item separately.


How long does it take to receive returned goods?


·         Under normal circumstances, we will contact you within three to five working days from the date you request the return of the item, but sometimes it may take up to a week for the shipping service provider to receive the item from you.


How can I recover my money on my credit card?


·         Refunds are made very quickly and smoothly after the item is received. If you have paid for the item through credit cards the money will be returned directly to your card. The time you receive money varies from person to person depending on your bank's requirements, sometimes it takes months to recover your money.


Number of specific cases where the product cannot be returned:


·         When the return request is submitted after the time specified from the date of receipt of the goods.

·         When the item is used or installed, when it is damaged, or when it is not in the same condition that you received it.

·         Damaged goods covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

·         Items that have been tampered with or removed serial numbers.

·         Goods without labels or stickers, original cover, or any shortage of their parts.

Warranty, Maintenance, and after-sales service

·         All goods sold and sold in the shop (mokyfat) are guaranteed by the factory or (local agent) for two years.

·         If there is any problem with the item within 3 days of receipt of the item, we recommend that you contact the factory maintenance center or local agent in Saudi Arabia to request the repair of the item. You can also contact us by phone or by filling out a contact form to find out the numbers of the authorized service centers of the factories or the local agent and their locations.

·         The factory guarantee (local agent) will take effect from the date of purchase.

·         You should read the Owner's Handbook before using the product to ensure that it meets the safety and local electrical requirements.

·         Ensure that the power is supplied in the range required to operate the product (220-240V and 380-400V / 60Hz). If you do not have the proper current to operate the product, we recommend that you not use it or provide an appropriate power adapter. In all cases, goods damaged by the use of a wrong electrical source will not be included in the warranty.

General exceptions not covered by manufacturer warranty (and local agent):

·         Defects or malfunctions caused by misuse of the consumer, failure to comply with the instructions of use, negligence, accidents, sabotage, or maintenance work that does not comply with product recommendations or negligence in the maintenance procedure.

·         If serial numbers are tampered with or changed.

·         Replacement costs for missing items or parts (buttons, remote controls, batteries, etc.)


Installation requirements for air conditioners:


*First of all, please note that the installation service is a paid service unless it has a discount or free offer and the prices are specific.

*Mokyfat has the right to refuse installation in case of different installation conditions or even without giving reasons.


       The installation warranty will be for 6 months from the installation date for defects or errors or issues of installation or leakage in the ducts (Air duct for concealed type air conditioner) except the leakage of water from the indoor unit.

       water leakage from the indoor warranty is for (30 days) from the date of installation (where the leakage of water is due to clogged drain pipes due to dust and dirt in the case of not cleaning the filters periodically or operating the unit during the construction or finishing work)

1. Hi-wall split Type

·         Each air conditioner has (4 m) copper free of charge. Moreover, the price per meter is (80 riyals) according to the type and brand provided by us.

·         If the installation is required, (one) chair will be provided for the outdoor unit (free) or 4 plastic bases (in the case of installation) on the rooftop.

·         The power switch must be provided at the location where the unit is to be installed, if there is a concrete wall or roof, the client will pierce it with his knowledge.

·         The height of the installation of the outdoor unit shall not exceed four meters from the ground.

·         Installation does not include removal of the old air conditioners or remove old extensions (copper and electric wires).

2. Window type:

·         The air conditioner place should be completely free and have an internal wooden frame and an electric switch, and the height of the opening place to be installed should not exceed 3 meters from the ground.

3. Cassette, Floor stand, concealed and floor Ceiling) Types:

·         Each air conditioner has 5 meters’ copper for free and over that the price of the extra meter is 90 riyals.

·         Four plastic bases will be provided in the case of installation on the roof or base for the external unit and a base for the indoor for the Floor stand type.

·         Provide 4 plastic bases in the case of installation on the (rooftop) or the iron base for the (outdoor) unit and for the indoor unit of the (floor stand) type for free.

·         The power switch must be provided at the location where the unit outdoor will be installed, the wall should not be concrete, and if there is a concrete wall or roof, the client will pierce it with his knowledge.

·         The customer must make pipes inside the wall for passing the control weirs for air conditioning types with wire control and the Drin line.

·         The customer must provide a crane to install the outdoor unit of air conditioners with size (36000 units) and larger.


       In any case, the installation does not include the work of cracking or removal in the walls, roofs, etc., drilling works in concrete, construction works for water drainage (DRIN LINE), removal or transport of the old unit (air conditioning unit), re-painting, Finishing works.

       By addition or request of the installation service, the customer acknowledges it he read and accepts and approved of this policy and he agree the materials, copper pipes, insulators and other materials used by (mokyfat).