About mokyfat


(mokyfat) Is an E-store specializing in air conditioning only (sale and maintenance) with different types and sizes, our store features lots of products, and we strive to provide all the air conditioning brands and their accessories for home or corporate, foundations and others.

Today (mokyfat attracts many customers, and grow very quickly because of the clear policy and specialization in the field of air conditioning. and we are working on provide all technical information details for each product in a simplified and clear manner can be absorbed by the specialist and the ordinary person So that our customer can make a comparison between products and chose the right and best product for him.

(mokyfat) is a retail store in addition to we are working in air conditioning projects and maintenance as well

(mokyfat) offers a convenient and secure shopping experience with online payment, return and installation service.

 (mokyfat) owners to Business Alliance Air Conditioning, a Saudi organization with commercial registration number (1010466828)